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Example GPT Site Withdrawal Information & Policy Text (Free for GPT Admins to Use as Desired Verbatim, Partial, or Edited)

Here is an example of text I composed for use on my own get paid to (GPT) site giving information and somewhat describing and explaining the GPTs withdrawal process and restrictions.

I am releasing the text in the example below for any GPT admin to freely use in whole, partial, or modified form as he/she wishes on his/her GPT site.

Your particular situation concerning payment time frames, verification procedures, withdrawal payment qualifications, etc. are likely different than described below so please feel free to use this just as a general guideline or example for writing describing your own circumstances.

Here is the text I speak of that has been placed long ago appearing on the GPT site's withdrawal options page:

[Insert GPT Site Name Here]

 Withdrawal Payment General Information,

Requirements, Restrictions, & Brief Policy Statement

We typically process withdrawal payments daily within 24 hours of the withdrawal request though this is not a guaranteed time frame.  Withdrawals over a weekend  or during holiday periods may take longer.

No PayPal Fees!  We pay via PayPal in such a way that none of the hard earned money you withdraw here goes toward PayPal fees (if any fees are involved then we will we pay them for you during the transaction processing.)

If you need to convert points into cash or vice versa here then please feel free to surf on over to our Currency Converter page first.

In this member fraud ridden GPT site industry where we routinely send out large amounts and numbers of basically free money to anyone purporting to be anyone (site-unseen) on the internet then we reserve the right to ask for positive proof of your identity before completing any payments (especially new accounts that WE find suspicious for whatever reason)

Please take the time to make sure that the contact phone number and any /all other profile information we have on file for you is always up to date and valid.  We may call you (voice) before processing certain payments to verify your honesty in the information that you have provided us. We reserve the right to withhold any and all payments indefinitely until such time as we are convinced that you are who you say you are.

PayPal account sharing is forbidden here!  The PayPal account you specify while withdrawing must be your own PayPal account (with your name attached to it when queried)  We ONLY pay to PayPal verified PayPal accounts - no exceptions!  Do not share the same PayPal account with any other member of this site - when discovered then BOTH of your GPT site member accounts with us will likely get banned.
NOTE: Please feel fortunate that we pay you daily while we ourselves typically have to wait a month or more before we receive our payments.  We typically get paid on a monthly basis from most of our offer sources while a few other offer sources pay us weekly.
Occasionally (rarely) the situation is such that we must wait a number of days while we are waiting on a certain crucial sponsor (offer source) payment before we can process pending payments though again this is a rare occurrence - 95% of our payments go out within 24 hours. Your quiet patience during these rare payment delays is greatly appreciated.
Questions about payments may be directed to the GPT site  administrator at, via the internal site trouble ticket system (preferred), via the inbox system (to 'admin'), or via our convenient contact us form.

Negative posts or complaints about payments and other account specific issues DO NOT BELONG in our shoutbox chat and will only result in a temporary or permanent revocation of your chat privileges.

NOTE: When I had initially released this text to serve as a general guideline for GPT admins in a very popular facebook based GPT admins group I'm a member of earlier in the day before posting this here there was one criticism from a well respected fellow network admin and friend that my text appeared too strict or overly untrusting to the target GPT site member audience.  Enough so (in his opinion) to have the effect of  'scaring the prospective GPT site member away' though in my own opinion that's not so much a concern to me as it is stating my intentions and expectations clearly and without doubt to my own GPT members.  Also, on my own GPT site where this text is posted then I've never observed or was made aware of any such negative reaction from anyone.


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