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Genuine ShiftCode GPT Site Admins are Invited to Join Our Private GPT Site Admins & Staff Connect FB Group

If you are a genuine ShiftCode GPT site admin then you are welcomed to apply for access to our private Faceboo group only for GPT site admins & staff.  We call the group “GPT Site Admins & Staff Connect” and it’s classified as a ‘closed group’ which means that membership is not open to the public at large.

In order to be considered for entry into the group you must declare (and later prove) your connection to your specific GPT site(s) by sending an email to in which you will list each GPT site you are either an administrator / owner or high level staff at while also providing a link to your Facebook profile and listing your name.

If you are indeed a GPT admin then you will definitely find this group extremely helpful.  Our group currently is populated by over 50 fellow GPT admins.

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