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Setting up postback on AffTrack Network for a Shiftcode Site

  Setting up postback on AffTrack Network for a Shiftcode Site
***How to setup postback for an afftrack network****
*Adopted from GPT Site Admins & Staff Connect Facebook Group by Christina Zoulek on July 28, 2014 at (just in case you are curious). MUST work for a GPT company though to join this group!!!!
Step 1: In your admin panel under "Paid To Signup" click on "Affiliate Networks"

Step 2: In the drop down box choose "Custom Network" & click the "add" symbol

Step 3: These are how you need to fill the info in.
Premium Configuration: Custom Name: Enter the networks name
Status: Enable
IPs:, 192.95.327.3 (only examples) - Can be found by clicking on "Tools" in Network at the way bottom of page. You should see two listed and it is different for each network. 
Campaign ID Variable: id
Sub ID Variable: subid
Rate Variable: amount
Reverse Variable: status = -1

Step 4: You will see an area labeled PostBack URL: Here is an example of what it will look like-

Step 5: You will login to the afftrack network & click "tools"

Step 6: Enter the postback URL from step 4 in the box labeled "Your Postback URL is defined as:"then add this to the end of your postback url?id=#id#&subid=#subid#&amount=#amount#&status=#status#&subid2=#subid2#&subid3=#subid3#&subid4=#subid4#&subid5=#subid5#&ip=#ip#

Step 7: Click on "Update Global Postback"

Here is an example of what your global postback will look like-

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