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Why I Wont EVER Log in As the Admin (you) On Your Site While Attempting to Help You With an Issue, Code Modification, or Coding Error, etc. on Your Site

I hasn’t yet happened to me though I had been warned from several people who service the GPT and affiliate network industries of horror stories in which a person was truly trying (with an open and pure heart) to help someone with some type of coding situation on their site – in a trustworthy manner.

The person needing the help just can’t seem to make the necessary correction to the configuration or some type of coding change and begs the person helping them to log in as them (the one and only admin account)  The person needing the help then transmits their admin log in information over to the person helping and the problem is solved – cool beans right?

Well not exactly according to these rumors / horror stories that have found their way to my sensitive ears.  It seems that the first time that there is something wrong noticed, money missing, money added to an account, or something crashed then the first person that get’s blamed is that person the was being thanked oh so many times and so strongly earlier in the day, week, month, or year.  The person who helped.

I’m almost always happy to help anyone that’s nice with a GPT, network. script, or PC issue (yes, I fix neighbor and friend PC issues here locally too - lol)  Almost always entirely for free just because I’m good at it and I enjoy helping.

Please don’t ever ask me to log in as you in any admin account though – I simply won’t do it.  Sure, yes, I’ll do my best at describing what YOU need to do but I won’t ever go in and do it for you (under an admin account)  …the above blame-game that I’ve been warned of is why.

I’d much rather stay beyond reproach and never having known how to access it than to risk ending up any sort of suspect in something that I wouldn’t ever do – That’s all.

I’m happy to help in any way I can usually…
Please Just Don’t Ask Me to Log In As You.

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