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INEEDHITS.COM SEO SERVICES & AFFILIATE PROGRAM (with co-branding available, etc.)

Here's a pretty neat affiliate program / reseller program with a whole bunch of options for co-branding and such, etc. I've been using and recommending the products and services that the site ineedhits sells (though they also have a section of FREE do it yourself tools which incidentally their affiliate program will also give you credit for bringing free clients in as well. This company is out of Australia. They truly provide quality products and effective services at really reasonable rates so it's really not hard to get people to show up and give it a shot.

The program provides an adequate amount of promotional banners, etc (but I truly wish there was more to choose from) They will also provide you with tracking links for specific products and landing pages, etc.

As far as I know they will only pay via bank transfer (no PayPal available as of yet)

The main site is available by clicking here

The free tools are available by clicking here (though the submission routine hasn't been attended to in ages and really needs some attention (don't bother)

Last but not least you can click here for information on their affiliate / reseller program - Enjoy!

Click here to download your free tools implementation guide (ZIP)

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