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Free Backlink Generator, Search Engine Submission and Bulk Ping Service

Free Backlink Generator, Search Engine Submission and Bulk Ping Service
 If you are looking for more traffic to your website(s)/Web Pages/Other URLs then this tool may help you with Backlinking, Submitting your site to search engines, etc.

Where can I get all this for FREE, you ask? Well, that would be online at a place called at

1. Once you arrive there, you will see this big box that you would use to either type or copy/past all your website(s)/Web Pages/Other URLs. However, if it is a referral URL or an URL with an "?", this tool will cut off everything behind the "?" so use an shorten URL too such as with Google at

2. Below the box on the left, you will be able to choose what search engines to submit your site(s) too.

3. Next to the second step, you can choose where to have your site(s) pinged.

4. Last step would be to choose the type of Backlinking your doing.


Next to the big box will show how many "Bulks". You may need to adjust your choices for the above settings because you cannot have more than 20.000 "Bulks" (Do not ask me what this means as I have no idea).

After you put in security code and click on submit, you can see it going to work right there in front of your eyes. Just keep that page open as a tab and let it run for the full amount of hours it needs to run for, typically 1 day.

Lastly, just for fun, you can use LMGTFY at Once here, you can type in whatever you want to in the Search bar. Then click on search. Below that button, you will see a URL you can share with whomever you want and it will automate the search for them. Here is the URL when I typed in "Affiliates Media" in the search bar. Go to and see what it does live. It is really cool.

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