Genuine ShiftCode Powered GetPaidTo (GPT) Sites Master List [NEW! Updated 05/18/2018]

Genuine ShiftCode Powered GetPaidTo (GPT) Sites Master List
[Only the Best Most Legitimate GPTs from the Long Term Best Loved, Most Powerful, Most Lucrative, and Most Secure Commercially Available GPT Site Script Available]

LIST UPDATED ON 05/18/2018 (alphabetized)

















































COPY THIS LIST AND USE AS YOU PLEASE: If ANYONE out there would like to take the above list, add their own referral links, and treat it as their own creation on their web site, blog, or anywhere else then I allow and encourage you to do so. The whole Idea of this list is to benefit and promote genuine ShiftCode powered sites and increase exposure of these sites. Please feel free to make the list your own! Only if you are going to continue calling a list of ShiftCode GPT sites please make sure that the list only contains genuine ShiftCode powered sites (common sense)
* site(s) noted with an asterisk '*' after their entry have been reportedly experiencing temporary difficulties of one type or another (unspecified here) and they are working on returning the site to full operation as quickly as the administration and staff of that site are able to (each site is independently owned and operated)​.


FreeCashPro said...

This is truly the most comprehensive and current list of all the ShiftCode sites that I know of :-)

FreeCashPro said...

A very thorough list to refer to when looking for new ShiftCode quality sites to explore ! Thank you!

GPT Tweaks said...

We just updated our list here! Check out what has been updated listed below:

GPT Sites Taken Down:

DollarSignup is now REWARDRACK! (Outside of ShiftCode). down for maintainence! - redirects to - This webpage is not available

GPT Sites Re-Added (Now New Ones): - Site is back! - Site is back! - Site is back!

GPT Tweaks said... - is now a blog site!

GPT Tweaks said... - is now a blog site!

GPT Tweaks said... - Closing of doors for good 6/30/2016. They have been around since 2010! - Closed and domain name is for sale! - Not Working! - Just Added!