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ShiftCode GPT & Performa Network Paired Script Provider Service Companies Sold to Well Known and Liked Confident & Competent Purchaser!


Yes, a matter of days ago from today both popular GPT script provider and integrated affiliate network script / platform provider ShiftCode and Performa were sold as a a pair for an undisclosed amount of money to a well known and well liked mover and shaker in the get paid to site and CPA affiliate network industries.

ShiftCode continues to be the one most popular, well known, and trusted GPT site script the online get paid to industry has ever known.  Likewise, the fully ShiftCode GPT site script Performa network platform (also a script) get’s an infusion of new blood and ideas from the new owner.

The entire industry thanks all those involved in the original development, evolution, continual improvement, defense (don’t ask), and continuance of both of these superior platforms.

…to be continued

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