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FREE Very Powerful Robust Feature Packed Ad Serving Script!

Download Revive Adserver (the new version of the old OpenX)

For those with their own domain(s) and hosting account you have the option of easily installing Revive Adserver in a sub folder on one of your domains and enjoying a fully featured professional ad server acting as a global banner rotator for all of your web sites!

You can define ad zones for various spots on your web sites (and/or your 'publisher's' sites) and then manage all your campaigns, banners, and zones from a single central interface!

The script also includes power user options like banner 'weighting' where you can give certain more important banner ads more priority over the others in the rotation.

The script also keeps track of your 'advertisers' and you can assign costs to impressions, etc. (and they can have their own independent account to log in to and manage !)

The install is extremely simple.  All you do is make a new folder off of your domain (example: 'ads'), upload all the files there, and then simply surf on over to that folder when you are through to breeze through the super simple and short (no brainer) automated install and configuration procedure.  The only thing that may be considered a little tiny bit complicated (if you are a total noob installing scripts) would be creating a new MySQL database and username.

I am just SO glad that I stumbled upon this script (I had thought I was doomed to using an old unsupported version of OpenX left over from 2008)  This new script version is dated 2014 and is well documented in the admin panel and heavily supported at their home site.  The script is totally FREE! Just FYI ;-)

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