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Handling the Temporary Internal Incoming Email Outage on Your ShiftCode GPT Site

Recently I had the chance to organize me thoughts concerning the recent internal incoming email outage affecting ShiftCode GPT sites by responding to a posted question on the ShiftCode Official Facebook Group.

Q:  The main site seems to be down and so is the e-mail client. Can anyone help please? Thank You

A:  Addressing the GPT internal incoming email outage (likely temporary) - the attitude I've taken is that since GPT site domain based internal incoming email doesn't fall into the 'mission critical' category (with me) then I've simply configured my 'From E-mail' in the ShiftCode admin panel (right side menu Main > Configure > E-mail) to a free Gmail based email address.

This assures me that I'll still get system notifications from the GPT script while also providing a viable uninterrupted 'from' email address that's reachable during the temporary email outage (once you've changed this email address field then all of your member email notifications from the system will also appear to be coming from this new email address (it's always been 'spoofing' whatever email address you poke in here))

Don't feel shy about promoting the extra temporary email address because when the built-in domain email service comes back then you can just forward the temp email account messages back to the old domain based email account

If you do decide to just stick with the free email account (Gmail, Hotmail, etc) then know that you're not losing or trading much off here. The email address is just there to provide a viable return message path as a return email address to all your GPT's system messages to the member and to provide you (the admin) with messages from the GPT script as to what's happening on your GPT (notice of withdrawals, inbox messages, etc.)

I'm quite comfortable just using my Gmail based email address for as long as the outage lasts.
Last things to consider might include:

1) notifying your members via a mass email blast (yes, the mass email function still works just fine) of the temporary email outage condition while offering up the new email address for them to white list and use for any and all near future email contact attempts to your GPT administration; and

2) if the email outage persists then slowly make a round to change (or add) the new temp email address to any affiliate network, service provider (ProxStop, etc) and payment processor accounts (PayPal, etc)

For those who are searching for true alternatives to the built-in domain email provided by ShiftCode then here's is an article that I ran across concerning free options (though I don't know how old the information in the article is still accurate):

What Should I Do Now that Google Apps Accounts Are No Longer Free? [ ]

Another option is to use your own domain hosting account for email hosting only (while ShiftCode hosts the actual domain - see the MX records statement below))
If you do choose to use an alternate domain email provider then you will ultimately likely need to contact ShiftCode to make the necessary domain 'MX record' (mail exchange) changes for you (since ShiftCode IS your 'DNS' provider if your name servers are, etc. - highly likely)

[Please feel free to inbox me if you're confused or need assistance with any of this (though note I am NOT ShiftCode staff) I'm almost always happy to help freely as my spare time permits]

Setting Your ShiftCode GPT FROM Email Address

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