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Enhancing the Look and Readability of Your ShiftCode GPT Site Offer Listings Using Simple HTML Techniques

The ShiftCode GPT script often astounds me with its power and flexibility.  Today I simply got curious and decided to test and see what, if any, HTML elements I could add to a standard offer listing.  While I found out that there was nothing whatsoever I could do with the offer title, the offer ‘Requirements’ field is a whole different story.

Instead of piecing the instructions out for each tag used I thought it may be better to give you some credit for being able to figure it out from an example along with the code I used (below)  Please note that while we are entering HTML code into the requirements field then I am not using the actual ‘HTML’ box also available there (explaining that would be much more complicated since in that box you are also including the HTML code for the actual offer mechanics as well)  Yes, I added all of this (following) code into the one-line ‘Requirements’ field.
Enhancing Your ShiftCode GPT Site Offer Listings is Simple Using Standard HTML Techniques!<hr color="#000080" size="1" width="66%">For example, adding text in <b>bold</b>, <i>italics</i>, <u>underlined</u>, <strike>strikethrough</strike>, colors (<font color="#FF0000">Red</font>, <font color="#0000FF">Blue</font>, <font color="#00FF00">Green</font>) and <sub>sub</sub>/<sup>superscript</sup> is a nice way to add a little flavor to your plain Jane listings.&nbsp; Also, please note that ShiftCode also apparently allows you to add <a href="">hyperlinks</a> and images such as this smiley <img border="0" src="" width="20" height="20" hspace="2" vspace="2" alt="Smiley Face Description" title="Smiley Face Description"> face that I borrowed from my shoutbox.&nbsp; Another interesting thing is the use of bulleted lists such as this list below:<br><ul><li>List Item One</li><li>List Item Two</li></ul>
Please note that when I enter this text and HTML code into the ‘Requirements’ field that each and every actual line break will result in a line break in your listing so every time that you hit <return> in your code means that it’s dropping down a line.  Instead I avoid hitting return and simply edit the entire code block as a single line and I insert “<br>” to introduce any hard line breaks when I want them.  The above code example if I were to paste it into notepad with ‘wordwrap’ turned off then it would equal one extremely long line of code with no breaks though be aware that there IS a line length limit that I ran across eventually here.
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  1. Changing font faces (Times New Roman, Georgia, etc) doesn’t seem to work as well as anything using a “<span>” tag or “<p>” (paragraph) tag.
  2. A long time ago I got used to using the now outdated severely Microsoft FrontPage 2003 HTML editor to easily produce WYSIWYG (like a word processor) HTML results.  If you are the creative type then yes, FrontPage is still available for download here and there online (though I actually purchased it back in the day – so I don’t feel bad)  Also, there are other very good HTML editors that are still supported and available for download available more legitimately today.  But remember folks, this is all oh so simple and the HTML tags are documented well all over the internet (just Google them)  Yes, if I had to figure this all out off the top of my head without an HTML editor then yes, that would be fine with me only it would take much longer.

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