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WARNING to Those ShiftCode GPT Admins Using the "GPTTweaks Easy One Click Facebook Promotion Mod"

Hello, this is Wesley B AKA 'Max P' the initial developer of the ' Easy One Click Facebook Promotion Mod' - a short and simple (yet powerful) ShiftCode GPT script modification I originally posted freely on  I personally consider that mod a great success and it appeared to work perfectly adding new features up until today when it is approaching a sunset in its usefulness.

Recently, I read an article (section 5) which details changes Facebook is making concerning their 'Facebook Graph API 1.0' which Facebook is discontinuing on April 30th 2015. Please be aware that the ' Easy One Click Facebook Promotion Mod' uses the Facebook Graph API 1.0' as a backbone function relying on it to facilitate the one click facebook post promotion feature.

When April 30th has come then the effect to GPT sites still using this mod may be as benign as the functionality of the mod simply losing the ability to post predefined promotional posts on behalf of the GPT site member (and nothing else affected) BUT with the FB Graph API no longer there and responsive then there is the potential that this situation may cause the 'Refer a Member' page/script of ShiftCode GPTs with the mod still installed to error out (losing the Refer a Member feature of your GPT)

Yes, that would be bad enough (the page erroring out) but because I really don't truly know how ShiftCode script error handling really works exactly (it's always been 'behind the curtain' so to speak to outside coders) then errors on that one page may actually cause a site-wide 'SMARTY' error (an unhandled exception) In my own informed (somewhat) experienced (though intermediate and non-professional) coder opinion the chances of this relatively simple resulting error causing whole GPT sites to fail are remote (though still within the realm of possibility)

Hence, I am HIGHLY RECOMMENDING that ShiftCode GPT admins having GPTs that have this (one specific) mod installed start taking steps to return the mod affected code back to its original (pre-mod) state well before April 30th to avoid possible unexpected (or possible catastrophic - however unlikely) results!

The one mod I am speaking specifically (and only) about it located here linked to from

I've suggested to William C (the current owner of the GPTTweaks site) to leave the link and information about the mod intact in order to assist those who wish to 'walk-back' their code step by step in reverse order (useful for those that have other modifications on that page/script that they don't want to lose by simple overwriting the modified page/script code with original ShiftCode code)

Though I've also suggested that an unmistakable warning be placed in proximity to that mod code and link that would warn NOT to install that particular mod on any new sties.


My main recommendation to correct any site using this mod would be to simply revert the modified code back to its original unmodified form.

This is actually the simplest way to make the potential issue go away. For those who followed the mod instructions entirely then you have retained a backup copy of the original code using the simple steps I outlined in the original mod instructions.

Simply overwrite the modded code in its entirety for that sub-script with the original unmodified code that was original to your site as was provided by ShiftCode (or that you had backed up prior to the mod application)

For those of you who failed to back up the original unmodified code before you applied the code (as was highly recommended in the mod instructions) then don't worry that much (it's really not a big deal) All you would need to do is obtain a copy of that script's original code either from ShiftCode itself or from a fellow GPT admin that is running an unmodified version of that sub-script (should be pretty easy to obtain)

Perhaps current ShiftCode (company) administration could possibly provide the original code for the one sub-script available for download for those in need of it (just a humble suggestion / request that I think would be a kind gesture)
Either that or anyone that has such code handy perhaps can reply to this post making it available to copy from here (?)

I would have liked nothing more at this point under these circumstances to have been able to provide you all with a new and corrected version of the mod to simply replace it with but I haven't retained a test bed (my own ShiftCode GPT) that I could use at this point to properly develop a new version.
At that point I had a definite drive, passion, and enjoyment to improve the platform freely for the good of all ShiftCode admins. Today I still have drive and passion to help improve by way of still promoting GPTs and improving conditions for the site admin through my work at the affiliate network.

Please note that this issue ONLY affects that ONE mod - the One Click Facebook Promotion Mod!​

Rest assured that the other FREE mod available at - the "MaxP Promo Codes Only for Active Members Mod" still works like a charm (restrict promo code redemption only to active members who have completed an offer recently based upon the jackpot system) and by my observations has been very successful and popular both with the admins and the GPT members alike.​

Ok, bringing this notice to a close I would like to offer my own personal assistance with any issues you may be having with removing the soon to be offending mod by making myself available for free-of-charge email based support (or replies here on the forum) during reasonable hours at

I'm happy to help with any questions or clarifications you have or need but do not expect me to make personal appearances on a site by site basis to do the actual work of physically removing the mod for you for free. If you are truly in a bind and don't know what to do then don't fret - simply email me and I'll assist as best I can (I'll honestly give it my best for you)​

If you are facing some type of spaghetti situation or basket case that requires a lot of my personal one-on-one hand-holding or if you simply can't accomplish the removal task by other way then I may be willing to step in and save the day though please do know that in those circumstances then my time and sanity are available for HIRE (though relatively cheap still) to make the problem quickly go away for you.


Further background: Purportedly the reason why Facebook is sunsetting this API is that they no longer want external (to facebook) code "putting words in the facebook post-er's mouth" by predefining any of the content the third party developed script or app is posting in the facebook member's name via automated means (even if the facebook member initiated the causation of the post)

Commentary: I agree with the spirit of what facebook is seeking to do here (there's already way to much trickery and deception going on in the world with so many malevolent automated posting mechanisms) Though our simple helpful mod was the baby thrown out with the bathwater so to speak here
Since our GPTTweaks ShiftCode mod (above) used predefined content (whatever text you configured about your site when you installed the mod, the GPT member's referral link, etc) and was posting by automated means (even though the facebook member / your GPT member actually initiated the action of posting and it was actually acting as a convenience for the post-er) then that would fall into the facebook description of 'putting words in the post-er's mouth' and is a target as something facebook is seeking to stamp out by killing the API.
The newer APIs that are replacing the one they are removing revolve around new strict facebook rules that will force a script/app developer to get his/her code pre-approved by facebook and pledge to abide by certain best practices morals on how such apps/scripts should behave in relation to the facebook member.
Yes, I'm sad for our little GPT script mod but I really agree that facebook is going in a necessary direction with these new positive initiatives - don't you?​

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