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Shiftcode Server Maintenance / Pricing Changes

 Shiftcode Price dropped a lot for one time set-up fee & by $10/month for hosting.
Network / Site Owners:Beginning Monday September 28th 2PM EST all sites will experience some down time.  Networks and any sites that are hosted on a dedicated server will be the first sites to return then the rest of them.   We are moving to new license servers.What does this mean?Beginning from October 1st, we are able to pass savings from hosting bills to Shift Code site owners that are using average resources.  Your new monthly hosting and licensing fee for your site(s) will be reduced to $29.95 for invoice(s) generated after October 1st.

For sites that are using above average resources, we are unable to reduce the price just yet.  We will continue our effort to reduce the cost and pass the savings back to you.  Thank you for your continued support.
We also have a new promotion plan that we will pay $50 for each new site sales generated from your referral link.  Total fee for a new site is $89.95 including first month hosting.  After that, it would be $29.95 unless the resource usage is above average.

For existing site owners who plan to open new site(s), we will add the $50 discount back to your account for credit that can be used for future payments.
$50 affiliate bonuses / discounts will be paid on Net 60 terms.The new rates pertain to Shift Code sites ONLY – Performa pricing will remain the same.If you have any questions, please open a ticket within your account after you register an account at at Alisa Holdings Inc. or login if your have an account there!

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