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WARNING! Place Your Tiny Benign Rank Code or Face Deletion on


WARNING! Place Your Tiny Benign Rank Code or Face Deletion on


First, let me mention that this email is a MASS EMAIL sent out to every current member of our top site list site (no, we're not picking on you specifically)

It's been noticed that a large number of listed sites have a big zero (0) stat for their "This Week" hits figure and the 'Average' figure is hovering down around zero (0) as well.

This is a symptom of the target listed site either having improperly placed or damaged ranking code or (more commonly) not having placed the ranking code at all.

Your site's individual custom (for your site only) ranking code can be recovered by logging in to your FCOTSL User Control Panel located here:

Our site ranking scheme is based upon the AVERAGE number of unique WEEKLY HITS (views) the ranking code banner gets on the target site (a tiny 88 x 31 pixel stylish banner that changes with and shows your site rank number on it - it's kind of neat)
So, if you place the ranking code including the tiny banner in a highly trafficked spot (more views of the banner) on your site then your site has a higher probability of shooting up in rank on the list.

Though a voting option is also available by clicking on the banner while it's on your site please know that clicking / voting is NOT required to rank highly on the top site list.  All that is required is that the banner get's seen by as many of your site visitors as possible.

If you don't like the idea of the banner being visible on your site then it is ok (though not encouraged) to set the HEIGHT and WIDTH properties in the code to one (1) pixel and the ranking code will still record ranking views just the same but the banner itself will be reduced to a one (1) pixel dot (basically) on your site.

The top site list has become increasingly popular over time and I would like to thank those who actually are proudly displaying the tiny ranking banner on their site(s)

Please know that those of you who have not installed the required ranking code on your target site and who are currently registering a zero (0) "This Week" views figure are under peril of your listed site and list account being unceremoniously deleted (this email is your one and only notice)

If you need more time or help in retrieving or placing your code please feel free to hit reply to this message and request an extension and/or help.  Otherwise, the ZERO views sites will be deleted one-by-one over the next 72 hours.

Thank You,

The Admin"

For those GPT type sites and CPA networks not currently listed on the list please know that registration is easy and always totally FREE ;-)  Please feel free to list your site(s) today (only know that you MUST OWN any site that you list as a small snippet of ranking code being placed on the target site is a requirement.)

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