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Reboot Your ShiftCode Web Server at Least Monthly to Avoid a Loopy Machine !

'Loopy' - Adj. describing a state of goofiness usually occurring after a long night of partying or any other activity that provokes sleep deprivation. {source:}

As with your home desktop PC if you leave it on 24/7/365 then eventually it will go a little crazy and start acting up here and there.

It's the same with the web server that hosts your site. Right now, it's not a big worry because not long ago (days?) then that server was initially set up for you.

A month from now though think about picking a time when your site is the least active (or any time that there is no one logged in) and take a moment to reboot your ShiftCode server.

Get used to making it a habit of doing this I would personally recommend monthly at the longest (time between reboots)

Me? I made a recurring Google calendar event to remind me.( ) [Manage Site] (towards the bottom of the page)


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