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Extremely Useful Facebook Groups Assisting the ShiftCode GPT Site & Performa Network Admin !

In the past couple of years I have noticed and taken part in  a mass migration from the ordinary independent web site based discussion and support forum to facebook based groups of all types.  Facebook groups have sprung up in all the topic areas formerly dominated by online discussion forums.

Among the topic areas keeping pace with this Facebook group over forum preference trend have been the get paid to (GPT) site and affiliate network support and discussion activity particularly.  Nowadays the well connected GPT site and/or affiliate network admin need not stray far from Facebook for performing promotion, support, research, and even social camaraderie with peer admins in the business.

Below I've gathered and described a number of these groups I have found most useful as an admin in multiple categories.  I'd feel I should mention here for the sake of better transparency that I, myself, act in some form of official capacity (founder, admin, co-admin, etc) in most (though not all) of the groups I list below.

I'll start with to more 'public' oriented Facebook groups (good for promoting your site(s) and making announcements of special promotions such as contests, etc) and move lower down into the more exclusive strictly admins only groups that require you to either be already known in the business or to show credentials (provide proof) that you are indeed connected to a site in some official capacity:

  • Public Facebook Groups Open to All (or most)
    • Earn Free Cash Online Simply and Legitimately! an extremely popular long established open group sporting almost 700 group members of all types here (there a a ton of GPT site members, along with many GPT site admins, while still a few network admins as well here)  The group allows the promotion of pretty much any FREE online money making program or opportunity here though ALL promoted sites must be totally free to join and earn through (no investment or purchase of any kind!)

      The posting of referral links are just fine here.  Also, when introducing a new program or opportunity then it is requested that you include as complete information about the subject of the post - in your post (saying to inbox or email you for more information instead of providing details is forbidden here)

  • Facebook Group Privacy
    • Open Group:
      Anyone (including non-members) can see the group, who's in it, and what members post.
    • Closed Group:
      Anyone can see the group and who's in it. Only members see posts.
    • Secret Group:
      Only members see the group, who's in it, and what members post. be continued (probably being worked on in the background while you are reading now)

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