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IncentWise CPA Network is STILL an Excellent Choice for Your ShiftCode GPT ! Now with IT Equipment Upgrades Just Now Performed ! Increased Speed, Reliability, and Daily AUTOMATED Backups !

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IncentWise CPA Affiliate Network

Yes, I just wanted to mention that

IncentWise CPA Network

is STILL an Excellent Choice for Your ShiftCode GPT !

We are a fully ShiftCode Get Paid To site integrated network based upon the Performa platform! Genuine ShiftCode GPT site administrators need not hassle with postback setup and other difficult intricate technicalities. Add all our campaigns with just a few clicks! Instant crediting is also automatically performed. Offers will be moved into an expired folder on your site when expired on our network. IncentWise offers the best in automated convenience!
We now also are taking the added extra precautions of performing

DAILY MANUAL & AUTOMATIC BACKUPS of all crucial data !

[See News Just In Below!]
We've been in the incentive publishing industry for nearly a decade now so we definitely can relate well to the needs and desires of the GPT site admin. Google us or ask any of our present publishers! We're confident that you will discover that all our publishers love us - and we love to pamper our valued publishers with upper echelon campaign rates, early payments often, attention to detail, and outstanding customer service.
We highly value our exceptionally excellent reputation and we are very discerning when reviewing new publisher applications. We consider this serious business and expect the best from all of our business relationships. IncentWise has been experiencing phenomenal growth consistently - please join us in the spirit of mutual success without limits !
IncentWise CPA Network

Get's a Definite IT Equipment & Location Upgrade !

Over the weekend (08/03/2014), our network platform provider 'Performa' upgraded our IT equipment (computer & network) over to their own 100% owned machines (servers, drives, switches, routers, etc.) which is now local to their corporate office and warehouse area allowing them physical access at a moment's notice with any sign of trouble to get their capable hands on it and get the fix going immediately (rather than the former situation that had them calling a long distance technical support line, explaining, getting escalated, and awaiting a stranger technician to care enough to 'own' and fix the problem - Argh!)

According to the president of Performa/ShiftCode, AffTrack, CPAWay, and other notables) *"Every node ShiftCode/Performa is on currently consist of Dual 6 Core Xeons, 72gb ram and 1tb SSD's in an Raid 1 Array. Of course all are virtualized to protect each site. Each Hardware node also takes a daily backup to our backup deposit server where we store 7 days worth of backups for each virtual machine."

To me that will mean that data loss and downtime should most likely be a thing of the past for the ShiftCode/Performa network platform (though we continue to perform daily data backups of our own here at IncentWise)! is a full service CPA affiliate network based in the USA specifically aimed at connecting our driven advertising sponsors with quality motivated publishers.

For those of our publishers NOT connecting via the internal ShiftCode GPT site / Performa network integration please note that since the equipment upgrade our own IncentWise postback IP has changed to

* [08/03/2014 Thomas Dietzel of TheWay Holdings quoted from a post in the GPT Site Admins & Staff Connect fb group]

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