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Negative Pending Offers? Wow, I Learn Something New Every Day.

I thought I'd document this for the sake of other GPT admins that don't know of this (like I hadn't until a fellow GPT admin solved the mystery.)

I had one of my more active members on my GPT complain to me that hist pending offers figure was showing negative.  I logged into his account and the above is what I saw - -72 (negative 72) pending offers (which makes no sense at all)

I posted about the dilemma on a popular GPT admin forum that I'm a member of and after some speculation a comment broke in to say that all I need to do is find and press the Products > Paid to Signup > Tools > 'Fix Signups' button (which is described in the admin panel as "Sometimes a when offers are deleted or moved around the amount of offers a user has in his pending or completed folder might be off. This will fix those problems")

I pressed the Fix Signups button and it instantly and neatly took care of the issue (the member's pending signups was reset back to zero)  Now don't know what the problem was to make it go negative - all I know is that the button solved it.

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