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GPTTweaks also Provides Code for Modifications to Performa (Gain Corp) Networks !

Yes, we also provide code modifications for Performa (ShiftCode / formerly Gain Corp) networks:
  • Publisher Approved Website Modification & Deletion Disable MOD
    Code to disable self-serve publisher website editing on your Performa network if anyone wants it... (free)  regarding the ".../publishers/websites/" page in a Performa publisher account.  It will look like the picture above (the dropdown only shows a message - no edit - no delete)  If a publisher were allowed to edit a site then they can easily change it to a site that hasn't been approved.  If they were to delete a site then you (network admin) loses all history related to site.
I am also willing to entertain suggestions for more free modifications in the common good (publicly distributed) or custom private modifications (all your own) at a modest rate.

If you are interested in any of the above then please feel free to contact me at

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