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I Went Looking for a Better Tool Than the Built In Online Editor and I Just Discovered Windows Live Writer and I Simply LOVE It !

Yes, I was just sick of all the quirks and inconsistencies with the provided online blog editor that I stopped to do a quick search out of frustration.  To my amazement I found that Windows Live Writer fit the bill just perfectly and I’m using it right now to write this blog post.  If you are a or blogger then I highly recommend this powerful and headache-less universal blog editor from Microsoft (though I’ve heard that it’s about to go the way that my favorite FrontPage 2003 editor went way back when (Microsoft is purportedly discontinuing it – so sad !)

Anyways, I’m going to happily get back to the blog post that I was right in the middle of what I got so frustrated…

The tool is copyrighted 2009 but it still is a Godsend to me!  If you would also like to download it (directly from Microsoft – FREE!) and take a look for yourself (and marvel at this wonderful blogging tool) the go here:

It's an offline WYSIWYG and source code editor that has many advanced features and actually connects directly to many popular online blogging services and publishes your work DIRECTLY to that service !  It works just great with !

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