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ShiftCode GPT Offer Sort Bug - Workaround Suggested

ShiftCode GPT Offer Sort Bug:

The offers sort bug in the ShiftCode script appears to have crept back in there on ShiftCode based GPT sites.

The bug is described as this:

A site member's inability to maintain a persistent desired offer sort order past the first 'offer completed' click while viewing a sorted offers list.

A suitable workaround until a fix is set in place by the script provider might be to post a statement on top of your offer list recommending that members click the browser back button after the 'offer completed' click to return to their chosen sort order and list page position.

Also, while this bug is in effect you'll want to give your members the most useful and convenient default offer sort order for the offer list to default back to if they are going to lose their position in the list in the first place, right?  In your ShiftCode GPT admin panel surf on over to Paid to Signup > Configure and then focus down toward the middle of that page in the 'Members' box.  Then set your default 'Sort' to a 'Use Multiple Sort' (check the  checkbox) on Offer Rating (Descending) and Completed (Descending) which will look like this:

Incidentally, it looks like our offers are not removing themselves from the GPT site when they've been expired on a Performa network - this issue has also crept back in.

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