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Effective Procedure to Purge Expired Offers from Your ShiftCode GPT - by Performa Network - One at a Time


It's no secret that the connection between the ShiftCode GPT and the Performa Network occasionally fails to delete expired campaigns from the networks on the GPT site - thereby leaving an increasing number of expired offers in the GPT over time.  This procedure (below) is an effective way to occasionally purge those expired offers and then add only the current active offers back - network by network:

Please note that this procedure is rather drastic (though easy and painless) and has the unfortunate downside of allowing GPT site members the opportunity (if so inclined) to possibly re-complete offer they had previously done and had already received credit for so (if they aren't properly keeping track) I would suggest that you only do this as a last resort rarely and sparingly!

  1. Choose a time of the day when your GPT site is relatively slow or 'dead' with regard to member activity as any offers pending credit will lose their connection to the member that completed the offer (if a pending offer from the chosen network credits after this procedure - you will get credit but the member will not)
  2. Chose an Affiliate Network (Paid to Signup > Affiliate Networks) to perform the procedure on - Click on it.  You will need to perform this procedure once on each Performa based affiliate network that you use on the GPT site.
  3. Click on Settings (click to expand) on the top of the network's page to reveal the network settings: 
  4. Note the settings by writing them down or copy-n-paste them to notepad.exe (text editor)  Make sure to highlight, select, and copy your 'Publisher Key' to the clipboard (or deposit it with the rest of the info into notepad.exe)
  5. Go back to the network listings (Paid to Signup > Affiliate Networks), and select 'Delete' on the right next to your chosen network:  
  6. Next you will be presented with this question (below) to which you want to respond 'Yes' after which you will see a short message saying the offers are being deleted and then it will drop you back at the Affiliate Networks list.  All of the offers for that particular network have now been purged from your system:  
  7. Now we need to add the network back, configure the network settings, and then add only the active offers back.  You do this by un-checking the 'Active Networks Only' checkbox (if checked), choosing 'Setup' next to the network you wish to add back, and entering (or pasting if you previously copied it to the clipboard) your 'Publisher Key' for that particular network, and saving it by clicking the 'Setup' box below: 
  8. Now you will find yourself back at the network 'Settings' page.  Make sure you select the correct 'Website' value from the dropdown box and then complete the rest of the settings while referring back to your previous settings (that you wrote down or saved to notepade.exe)  Now click 'Update' (that particular network is back on your system now - but its offers are not (yet))
  9. Scroll down to add that network's offers back to your GPT (however you normally do)  The offers you see now will ONLY be that network's current active offers (YaY!)
  10. Lather, rinse, and repeat the above procedure for all other Performa networks connected to your site ;-)

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