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Creative GPT Site Promotion Ideas and Advice

Ranging from the standard "promotion 101" classic advice to the creative unconventional (thinking out of the box) strategies.

  • If you are passionate about noticing and acting upon every opportunity to give your site a little boost in exposure and potential popularity then I'd suggest one technique (among many) I perform regularly (usually monthly)

    Do a Google (and also Bing) search for several different topics related to our sites (ex. "GPT site", "get paid to site", "earn free cash online", "free PayPal money", and the like.

    Notice the sites appearing towards the top of the search results. Take a few minutes on each to do a little research on what techniques they are using to achieve such search results acclaim. Examine their source code for what keywords they are using and how it relates to the textual content on their site.

    If the site you are examining is indeed a GPT site then notice power keywords and phrases that you may not already have contained in textual content on your site. Compose a few paragraphs using the newly discovered word and phrases and add it to your site (and add the keywords to your meta keywords)

    Look for other strategies they are using and weigh whether you might want to start implementing a similar strategy on your site.
  • Order the "free" (+ S&H) business cards for your site from an inexpensive place like VistaPrint. Somewhere on the card list a referral URL while replacing the referrer with underscores (thereby making them handy referral cards for your members)

    Whenever you have occasion to send (postal mail) anything (prize? check?, etc) to a member slip 5 or 10 of the referral cards into the package.

    Notice when you are editing your VistaPrint cards in the design stage... The fields are named for standard business card fields but actually, you can put anything in there (site description, slogan, etc.)
  • Buy banner impressions on other ShiftCode GPTs. Look for GPTs where the banner ads prices are cheap, they have a decent amount of members, and the site looks like people may be unhappy there (like sites that have high minimum cash out or monthly cash outs (and/or the site admin doesn't update offers very frequently.)

    Choose/make a banner that highlights YOUR site's excellent payment terms and attentive admin...
  • Do a Google search for "gpt forum" and "online money forum" and post to all the forums listed on the 1st page.
  • Go to and do their simple free "Easy Submit" - well worth the time spent. If you feel like spending a very low price on top notch submission / promotion packages then feel free ! I've always been pleased with their work.
  • Make sure your site is claimed and registered with Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Central. Add their code.
  • Study up on search engine optimization (SEO) and make sure your site is at least minimally SEO optimized. become an avid reader of all things seo - like here
  • Do a search for open Facebook groups that cover our subjects such as GPTs, online money making, etc (there are hundreds of them out there) and post about your site at those.
  • Brainstorm on what type of people may be more likely to benefit from sites such as ours (shut-ins, the disabled, agoraphobics, etc) and then find forums dealing with such topics. I usually go real easy on promoting on sites such as these... start by posting reading what's there and making a few posts ... then kind of slip one new post thread in there mentioning your site (making all effort to not sound self-promotion "cheesy" - leave the banners out in these posts... just objectively describe your site, benefits to people who spend a lot of time at home, and a simple text link.
  • Make a new custom promo code for your site. Go find those coupon code sites that allow you to post your establishment's profile. Post the new coupon code there (as if you were a retail or online store offering discounts to shoppers) One such site that comes to mind is
  • Write a squidoo article about sites to earn online cash at... sprinkle a few low-key links to your site in the article.
  • Compose, purchase, or seek permission from keyword rich article authors on a myriad of subjects related to GPT sites and online money making. Add them as new pages or in the help section (making sure those pages are publicly viewable) such as I'm working on here (obtained exclusive permission from the articles owner)

    DO NOT attempt to use the articles I am posting... I have obtained exclusive expressed permission from the articles owner. Find, compose, or commission the writing of your own articles please.

    The above is only a sneak peek preview link for you to take a look at what I'm talking about - that whole section is under construction.

    Adding new relevant keyword rich content such as these articles gives you a better chance of turning up higher in an online search and it also has the definite potential to improve your Google page rank.

    These articles are mostly for search engine spider consumption so, yes, a few of the articles might not seem fully coherent or make ultimate sense - but in this use that really doesn't matter as much as the fact of having tons of new keywords in textual content attributed beneficially to your site. be continued.

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